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Amtech NC-559-Asm Flux Paste 10ml


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NC-559-ASM solder paste has been used for many years and has been recognized by customers. Because of its superior welding performance, transparent residue, and low smoke, it is widely used in maintenance. NC-559-ASM solder paste has the following excellent points

1.Excellent capacity of solder-stickiness

2.Excellent Anti-wet Capacity

3.Widely used on BGA, PGA, CSP packages and Flip Chip Operation

4.Suitable for multiple PCB Reflow

5.No-clean and Lead free for Environmental protection

6. Applicable to value ball, generally used for North-South bridge, mobile phone chip, CPU Socket value ball.

7. For large-area hand-painted value balls (referring to chips), they need to be cleaned.

8. It is used for lattice value ball (such as CPU Socket on computer motherboard).

9. The residue after soldering is transparent, the solder ball is bright, and it does not contain halogen

   (F / CL / Br / I) substances.

10. The paste has a moderate viscosity and a fine particle size, generally 2-5 μm. Suitable for hand brushes,      Machine automatic printing and other processes.

11. It can be applied to both reflow soldering and manual value ball processes.

12.Clear and very clean




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