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Sugon T28 110V Soldering Station


SUGON T28 110V Nano Electric Soldering Station with Handle, US Plug

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1. Equipped with a soldering iron tip to store silica gel, which is more convenient to use
2. Equipped with a handle and a bracket
3. The chip program controls the temperature, quickly and accurately heats up and heats, and melts the tin in two seconds
4. The heating core protection function automatically stops working before the short circuit is released to protect the machine from damage
5. Short press the SET key once to switch between Celsius/Fahrenheit display, long press SET (lock/unlock) to set the storage channel
6. Long press the CH1 button for about 3 seconds to turn on/off the buzzer sound
7. In the shutdown state, long press the SET button for about 3 seconds to automatically enter the temperature calibration interface, press the up and down buttons to adjust the temperature, after the adjustment is completed, press the SET button to save and exit

1. Temperature stability: +/-2 degrees Celsius / no air flow and no load
2. Input voltage: AC 110V 50/60Hz
3. Temperature range: determined by the working mode (200-450 degrees Celsius / 392-842 degrees Fahrenheit)




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