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Maxx Pamma 858D Smd Rework Station


MAXX PAMMA 858D Digital LED 220V SMD Hot Air Rework Station Solder Blower

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  • The fuselage exquisite, is durable, is artistic. Uses the original installation import not to brush the air blower life to be extremely long, the noise is minimum, uses the high quality heating device, the efficiency may enhance one time under the same power, lengthens the heating device working life effectively and saves the power source. Blows the shielded box not to change color, is quickly convenient. Blows welds the line board not to bubble.
  • Technical specification: Category: Photo tube indicated Power consumption: 700W Air pump air current type: Not brushes the air blower gentle revolving atmosphere Temperature current capacity: 120 liters/minutes (biggest) Temperature control scope: 100„ƒ-450„ƒ handle module length: 120cm Noise: < 45db Fuselage size: 150*100*138mm
  • Stable, Precise in Controlling Temperature, Easy Operation, Digital Temperature Display, Auto Cut Fan When Placed on The Holder, Useful for Repairing Motherboards, Circuit Board.
  • Noise Free Design and Maintain a Quiet Working Environment, Closed Loop Control Sensors of 858d SMD Tool.Package includes: 1x 858d Desoldering Tool Hot Air solder Station 1x Handle stand 3 x Nozzles




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