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MIJING LWS-301 Intelligent Laser Soldering Station


Ask for help
1. Do not stare at human eyes with the laser pen head or aim the laser pen at other 
parts of the human body
2. Do not violently hit the machine
3. When the machine is not working, please cut off the power supply in time. Try not 
to store flammable and explosive materials near the pen head
4. When using this product, please use a triangular plug with a grounding function
5. In order to ensure the normal use of the machine, please do not disassemble the 
machine privately and change the internal and external structure of the equipment
6. In order to ensure the normal use of the machine, the laser fiber optic cable cannot 
be bent 90°, otherwise, it will easily cause the fiber optic cable to be damaged
1. Laser power: 15W*2, 10 levels adjustable
2. Laser spot size:10mm/6mm
3. Cooling method: air cooling
4. Power:100-220V±10%,50HZ/60HZ±5%
5. Machine size:216*110*129
Use introduction
1. POWER UP is to increase power(10 levels adjustable)
2. POWER down is to reduce power(10 levels adjustable)
3. The machine is equipped with two memory buttons, CH1 and CH2 (long press for 3 
seconds to save), you can set two groups of power parameters that you commonly use.
4. The height range of the handheld laser pen is 0-100mm. Exceeding the range will affect 
the energy.
5. The laser is controlled by a foot switch, the laser appears when you step on it, and it 
disappears when you release it




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